Sustainability at Aster…

This week, we would like to touch on what we are doing in the field of Sustainability at Aster Textile.

Under the umbrella of Aster Textile Group, we have always been giving service to our customers and we have been working with the intention of creating value for our country for 26 years.

We have created our sustainability approach when thinking about the future of our planet, with our vision of a healthy and clean world for the next generations.

For this reason, we aim to excel in our design-production-service model by creating a global perspective in our sector with the desire of being a leader in sustainable fashion design and production.

We rely on trust in our relationships with our stakeholders. In light of our years of experience in our sector, we provide this strong cooperation thanks to our solution-oriented thinking and the power of our designs. We know that sustainability is one of the most important steps for carrying on our business.

In this context, we were among the first signatories of the Global Compact and Women`s Empowerment Principles in our sector and took steps to protect our future.

While we are working to bring the products that we produce into different categories which are already becoming popular across the world, we are aware of the necessity of being “human-oriented” in the way we work. Therefore, at Aster, we strive to minimize the risk in terms of the health, safety, and happiness of our colleagues, as well as to consumers. In all our facilities, we proudly carry the best certificates of global standards in the sector that we serve. Because, we put first earth, nature, the environment, and the people.

At Aster, we attach great importance to ethics and compliance. We strive to spread this vision with our supplier and employee relationships as well. With our responsible Supply Chain approach, we evaluate our suppliers within the framework of a transparent policy and contribute to their development.

At Aster, all production processes we implement are with environmental issues at the forefront of our minds. All processes are done without damaging the natural beauties of our world and our principles of sustainability before we start designing the product on paper.

With our sensitive design and production philosophy, we are investing in R&D and innovation in terms of reducing waste, using resources correctly and recycling processes with the awareness of our responsibility for economic development.

We would like to mention one more time that we prioritise resource efficiency as well as addressing the environmental and economic dimensions of our value-added textile production. Starting from the top management in Aster, we aim to spread this roadmap to our colleagues at all levels and the ecosystem that we interact with.

Of course, we do not limit this issue to environmental sensitivity, we are making steps to take the lead with our social values. In 2015, we established the Aster Foundation to bring long-term improvements to the lives and environments of our people. Under this structure, we aimed to shed light on future generations with many educational projects.

In 2017, we realised the construction of a primary school in Arpaçay district of Kars which is located in eastern Anatolia in Turkey with 4 classrooms, 1 kindergarten, library, cafeteria, teacher housing, and a children’s park. Acting with the awareness of the foundation, we wanted to realise it’s not only for educational purposes, but also to support many different voluntary projects such as the arts, health, animal rights, the environment, and human rights.

Together with our collaborations such as LÖSEV and Autism Foundation, we have endeavoured to support our families and children in Soma Disaster which happened on the West side of Turkey in 2014. Of course, we have not forgotten our furry friends living in the shelters we provide them a mattress we produce from waste fabrics.

From now on, we will always take on any action with the awareness of our responsibility to society, customers, stakeholders and nature in all the projects we will carry out.

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