New Problem of the New World: Climate Change

Climate change has become one of the most fundamental problems facing us all in the 21st century. The issue of climate change has risen to the top of the agenda all over the world in recent years as it poses a threat to the continuation of human generations.

The reason for climate change is the increase of the earth’s temperature (global warming). This is the result of the release of more man-made greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than naturally occurring ones. These additional greenhouse gases are caused by fossil fuels burning to generate energy, improper agriculture and animal husbandry practices, chemical production and a range of human other negative behaviours.

The negative and direct effects of climate change include the decrease in freshwater resources, floods, storms, heatwaves, and drought.

Because natural climate change is actually very slow to effect nature, living things adapt easily, however, human factors accelerate climate change, and living things are unable to respond to this action at the same speed.

Water, which can be described as our most valuable resource, is at risk due to climate change. Climate change causes major differences in rainfall. For example, some regions experience unusual heavy rainfall, impacting crops and therefore livelihood, while others have unexpected droughts. The dry vegetation created by drought brings forest fires.

The world has signed a new agreement for climate action!

Some countries, including all EU countries, have adopted legally binding targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 under the Kyoto Protocol. Even though these countries have voluntarily participated in this climate action, it would not be enough to prevent dangerous climate change. Accordingly, negotiations were initiated for a new agreement that would enable all countries in the world to take action on this issue, and on December 12, 2015, the governments of nearly 200 countries met in Paris, France, to agree on the first universal and legally binding agreement on climate change. The Paris Agreement which has historical significance sets out an action plan to limit global warming to an increase of less than 2°C from pre-industrial temperature.

As individuals, we also have a major role to play. One of our main focus areas should be clean transport … walking or cycling as far as possible for example. For smarter energy use we can make a difference: use energy-saving light bulbs, eat more fruit and vegetables and eat less meat, this is both climate-friendly and healthy. Finally, as we mentioned in our previous article, we have to be selective about packaging: plastic packaging causes enormous waste and cannot be recycled. We should avoid buying packaged products and take care of our planet by keeping a recyclable bag with us to take home our purchases…even a step or a small change makes a big difference in the world.

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