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As the world has begun a new term of the “Era of Sustainable Development”, we would like to talk about this issue with a more long-term view. As the Aster Textile Group, we have made many significant developments in “Sustainability” as well as other successes in the last quarter of 2019. Before referring to the projects that we have successfully carried out, let’s talk about the depth of what Sustainability means in general at this point together.

“Sustainability” is defined as meeting the needs of today, without taking away the rights of future generations. It means we must apply respectful production processes, use the natural resources that we have, be respectful to the people that we are responsible for, to the people we work with, as well as our society.

The concept of “Sustainability” has become one of the most important ways of expressing the contribution and benefit that organizations make to the world in which we live. In terms of “Sustainability”, if an organization does not invest in the environment, energy and human resources, it will not survive and will be faced with the danger of extinction.

In a sense, we take over a valuable responsibility when we talk about nature and society.

“Sustainability” has a very close relationship with “social development”. “Social development” or “social growth” is in direct proportion to economic growth. However, lately, it has been understood that it is not only economic growth that will affect “Social development”. It must be understood that different factors need to be on the agenda.

Other factors that must be taken into consideration are social equality, environmental impact, gender equality, qualified education rights, health, and social rights, responsible production and consumption.

In other words, Sustainability has 3 pillars as people, planet, and profit with a network of interlocked components. Even if you bring one into action, without the other not all processes would be completed.

In our next article, we will talk about why sustainability is so important in the textile sector together.

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